What is your quality guarantee?

We have complete faith in our products, to the extent that we are proud of them. Any errors in material, design or printing will be fully refunded or re-produced and shipped with no additional cost to you. 

I have a large commercial order. Can you give me an even bigger discount?

Yes, we offer even more attractive rates for large and bulk orders. Please contact us at service@photoprintmart.com for more information.

What kind of payment method do you accept? Dose it safe?

We accept credit card, bank card, Paypal,  it's very safe. These payment methods are provided by Paypal, so we don't store any card information of you.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes. We ship to US, Australia, UK, most area in Europe, Singapore, Canada etc. For more information, please contact service@photoprntmart.com.

Can I get a custom size canvas or prints?

Yes, We can do virtually any size canvas you want. We can do an even bigger canvas , for a quote please email service@photoprintmart.com

How long does it take to get my products?

Canvass or prints are generally printed in 24 to 48 hours after payment,shipping takes 4 to 9 business days.

How much does shipping cost?

We use USPS, UPS and FedEx to deliver all our goods. We provide free shipping on all products ( order over $15) and it's supper fast, it's lowest round. For order under $15, the shipping fee is $5.95.

What is your return policy? How can I Request a Reprint OR Refund?

We believes in customer satisfaction. If you find any defect in our print, we will make it perfect for you. This includes any manufacturer's defects such as loose or wavy canvas, bubbles, scratches or fading. If this occurs we will either replace your canvas print or fix it at our cost. If you require a reprint or refund, the process can be expedited by providing a digital image of the damage or defect along with a clear description of the problem (Try to be as descriptive as you can while sending defective image). Please contact us on service@photoprintmart.com we will be happy to assist you.

Returns Procedure: Customer needs to send us the email of the pictures of the damaged product at service@photoprintmart.com ; the pictures will be reviewed within 24 hours and if found to be manufacturing defect Return Authorization number will be issued to customer after which he can return the products.

Returns Window: Customer can return within 60 days from receipt of order.

Refund Method: The refund shall be issued on their card or PayPal from which order was paid for and is generally done within 3 business days.

Responsibility for Return Shipping Costs: Return shipping costs are paid by us

Will my finished canvas look like the image on my computer screen?

Every device screen displays images differently. Unless you have a profiled monitor, it may not display accurate colors. Every screen displays images differently and may differ from what the final printed product looks like. If your image needs dramatic color adjustments, please select our Major Retouching and let us know you would like color correction.

What file formats do you accept?

Easy Canvas Prints can accept PNG, JPG, BMP and TIF files that are 20MB and under. If your file is over this size limit you can flatten the image, convert to RGB in 8-bit mode and save as a JPG at the maximum quality level. If you must send a file format not accepted online or a file larger than 20MB, please call us for assistance and instructions.

How do I clean my canvas?

The canvases are quite durable and should resist most scratches, smudges, fingerprints, etc. You can dust canvases with a soft, dry cloth. If your canvas is damaged and needs deeper cleaning you may try a damp cloth. If the canvas gets nicked and loses ink in a certain areas it can be touched up with felt-tip markers or paint.

How do I track my shipment?

You will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail with tracking information as soon as your product(s) leave our facility. If you are a registered user, you can track your order by logining your account.